Hospital closes temporary ICU, continues surgeries

JACKSON, Tenn. — It has been nearly two years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jackson-Madison County General Hospital

COVID-19 numbers are on the decrease here in Jackson as more people wear their masks and take the appropriate safety precautions.

“We have seen a drastic decrease in hospitalizations in the last couple of months, which is a great thing. We are down to 60 patients today that are active COVID-patients, and that’s down from 188 August the 26, which was our peak,” said Amy Garner, Chief Compliance and Communication Officer for West Tennessee Healthcare.

Officials say most of them are unvaccinated.

“What we are seeing is that with the unvaccinated population COVID-patients tend to be sicker, and they tend to require hospitalization more often than vaccinated people,” Garner said.

Since COVID-19 cases are decreasing, the Jackson-Madison County General Hospital has now closed their temporary ICU and reopened their recovery area for elective surgeries.

“We just closed that back down last week, which was a good thing, and we’ve started ramping up our surgical cases a little bit. Not full on, but we have started increasing those cases,” Garner said.

Some examples of these surgical cases may include knee or hip replacement surgeries. But in order to continue these surgeries, COVID-19 numbers must stay down.

“Go and get your third shot if you’re eligible for that and just continue to do what the community has been doing with social distancing, hand washing, wearing your masks, and please, please consider getting your COVID vaccination,” Garner said.

To find a vaccine near you, use this tool.

For more information on COVID-19, go to the CDC website, the Tennessee Department of Health website or call (877) 857-2945.

Additional COVID-19 information can be found in the “COVID-19” tab of the website.

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