WRAP joins efforts to raise awareness of domestic violence

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local nonprofit agency is joining a month-long national campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence.


WRAP and Jackson-Madison County elected officials have proclaimed October 2021 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month to make ending domestic violence a community priority.

“Having the city and the county, and really nationally, recognize this as domestic violence awareness month is really important. It not only communicates to our elected officials that this is an issue that we need to be mindful of and put our resources toward, but it also lets the community know that our elected officials think that it’s important that the community be aware of this issue in our community,” said Jenci Spradlin, WRAP’s Domestic Violence Program Manager for Jackson-Madison County.

Domestic violence is a real and hidden problem in our county. Last year, over 1,300 reports of domestic involved situations were made to the police department alone.

“That number does represent 45% of all crimes against individuals in Jackson and Madison County [and] involves some level of domestic violence, and that’s really a staggering number,” Spradlin said.

Domestic violence is characterized as a relationship of where one person is trying to have power and control over the other person.


That can be physical, verbal and emotional abuse, isolation from friends and family, financial abuse, harassment, and threats

“A lot of survivors feel a lot of guilt and shame over their relationship, and that guilt and shame may prevent them from speaking out and getting help,” Spradlin said. “It’s really important for survivors to know that we’re here to support them, that they are not responsible for what happened in their relationship, and that we can help them work through those feelings and help them on their healing journey, and also help them if they need additional resources.”

WRAP encourages you to go beyond just being aware, and support your family, co-worker, employee, and friend by providing them help.

This month WRAP is focusing on providing tool kits to employers this month to support the well being of their employees.

If you or someone you know needs help finding resources related to domestic violence or sexual assault, you can receive confidential and free service through WRAP.

You can learn more about WRAP at wraptn.org.

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