‘Trash 4 Ca$h’ launches to beautify Jackson and benefit nonprofits

JACKSON, Tenn. — The 2021-22 Mayor’s Youth Council meets once a month to come up with ideas, put together projects, and ultimately better the City of Jackson.

“Our goal ultimately is to be a beacon for the youth in our city, and kind of help Jackson have perspective, from our point of view, not just the adults,” said Chairman Jamarrea Anderson.

Together they formulated a plan and worked with department heads, and for the first time, kids in high school presented to the Jackson City Council.

Tuesday, the council approved a $25,000 budget amendment for the Trash 4 Ca$h initiative.

“We had kind of a litter problem, in a sense, not major but we wanted to get it taken care of and we saw it as an opportunity for us to make our mark on the city,” Anderson said. “So we decided that this would be a good program to put in place to help us out.”

The Mayor’s Youth Council partnered with Keep Jackson Beautiful to create two opportunities: a way for people to clean up the city by picking up litter and make money for a nonprofit of their choice while doing so.

“I think it’s great that they’ve taken the initiative to launch programs like this to help us partner with organizations to beautify and make our city more aesthetically pleasing,” said J.D. Sims, director of Keep Jackson Beautiful.

While they pick up, they are receiving money funded from a grant for a nonprofit organization. Each nonprofit has a maximum of 10 miles and can raise up to $1,000.

“They just go out, they can pick up trash, it’s $100 per mile,” Anderson said.

Individuals can also sign up for this program, but the have to designate a nonprofit to receive the money.

“Organizations can go to the Keep Jackson Beautiful page at Jacksontn.gov to sign up,” Sims said. “And then once the appropriate paperwork is in order, then I will assign them an area, and once it is completed, I will go and inspect it, and upon approval, then they’ll get their money.”

To sign up for Trash 4 Ca$h or take a look at their website, click here.

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