Two-headed turtle born in Massachusetts navigates new world

BARNSTABLE, Mass. — A Massachusetts wildlife center has a newborn that is turning more than just one head.

Cape Wildlife Center

(Photo Courtesy: Cape Wildlife Center on Facebook)

The Cape Wildlife Center says a diamondback terrapin hatchling was born with a two heads.

The center says this was caused by bicephaly, a rare condition that can come from both genetic and environmental factors.

As of now, the unnamed turtle, or turtles, are alert and active. The center says they are eating, swimming, and gaining weight with each passing day.

The center says that with two heads, they also have six legs, two spins that fuse together, and each has their own gastrointestinal tract. But the ride side does seem to be more developed.

Plus, they seem to be working together to explore their new world and were able to coordinate swimming, the center says. They were even going to the surface for breathe when needed!

The center says that even though animals that face this condition don’t always have the best odds, they are staying optimistic.

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