FBI reminds Tennesseans to #BeCyberSmart

JACKSON, Tenn. — The FBI is reminding Tennesseans to be cyber smart.

Cyber crimes and scams have been on the rise, alarming the FBI. Now, they are raising awareness on cyber-security this month.

“We need to increase our security posture as individuals and as a country and just everything we can do to just make ourselves more secure out there,” said Kevin Varpness, Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI.

As an FBI special agent, Varpness says most hackers will send people a phishing email.

“In there, they’re trying to either get you to click on a link and it could go download some nefarious software,” said Varpness.

He says one of the major ways people are currently being scammed is through sparking a romance.

“They start developing a relationship through email,” said Varpness. “We’ve seen over $100,000 sent out at one time under these situations.”

Varpness says there are several ways we can protect ourselves from cyber crimes.

“On our own personal computer systems if we all just used basic antivirus, anti-malware software and we kept it updated and then if we didn’t we reuse our passwords we used complex passwords and you added additional characters into that password,” said Varpness.

“I’d also encourage people especially for all their banking institutions to definitely enable the two factor authentication,” said Varpness.

However, Varpness says that alone won’t guarantee complete protection.

“That’s not fool proof, but that adds an additional layer of security,” said Varpness

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of a cyber crime or scams, the FBI wants you to report it here.

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