JMCSS approves new Code of Conduct for students, staff

JACKSON, Tenn. — A new Code of Conduct has been approved for the Jackson-Madison County School System.


The school system announced the approval Wednesday, following a number of revisions over the past 11 months.

“Back in December and following our group discussions with Dr. King during our weekly principal’s meeting, school principals agreed on using a uniform process for discipline across the district and divided by grade bands,” said Deputy Superintendent Dr. Vivian Williams.

The school system says the new Code of Conduct addresses both common and rare issues, and also brings in restorative practices and counseling services as behavior support, according to JMCSS.

“In order to be true to our belief in providing nurturing school environments and promoting healthy student choices, it was necessary to update the district’s Code of Conduct. These updates will encourage students to respect themselves and the rights of others,” Williams said.

JMCSS says the new Code of Conduct makes the treatment of others, positive relationships, and respect of property some its foundations.

“I am encouraged by the collaborative process our principals and academic leaders undertook to develop the five levels that make up our new Code of Conduct. Ultimately our goal is to modify negative behaviors and teach our students new strategies that will lead to better choices. The impact will be reflected in attendance, discipline, and academics,” said Superintendent Dr. Marlon King.

You can read the Code of Conduct policy here.

You can find the Elementary Code of Conduct here.

You can find the Secondary Code of Conduct here.

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