Sen. Blackburn: ‘Tennesseans want real infrastructure investment’

United States Senator Marsha Blackburn released a statement Monday regarding the $1 trillion infrastructure plan that President Biden is expected to sign.

The statement reads in full:

“Tennesseans want real infrastructure investment, not frivolous left-wing programs that add to our nation’s debt. If President Biden was actually interested in improving American infrastructure, he wouldn’t have canceled the border wall or the Keystone Pipeline. Biden’s infrastructure bill is a gateway to the Green New Deal and the socialist ‘build back broke’ agenda. Our children and grandchildren can not afford the radical left’s never-ending spending spree.”

Senator Blackburn has consistently opposed various versions of the plan throughout the year. In a news release from April, she stressed the country’s need for a bipartisan approach to infrastructure improvement and stated that Biden “has shown his true colors as an unrestrained partisan.”

According to a release issued by The White House on Monday, “It is a top priority for the President that these investments deliver meaningful results to Americans in communities all across the country, strengthen US manufacturing, and can withstand the impacts of climate change.”

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