Lexington may receive major internet expansion, public input requested

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — The Lexington Electric System is considering a plan that would provide high-speed internet access and telephone service to all of its customers.

According to a news release, it’s in response to a $500 million rural broadband grant recently announced by the State.

“This potential project will position our entire area with the most advanced broadband internet available for the future of our customers and communities,” said LES General Manager Jeff Graves.

The project would see the system building a fiber optic network across its electric service territory over the next few years.

Graves says this would not only provide internet access to unserved areas, but also improve existing service for customers.

The system is turning to the public to gauge interest and determine financial feasibility through an online survey that can be found here.

The survey will be open to LES customers through the end of the year. Those without internet access can pick up a copy at the office located at 92 South Main Street in Lexington.

For more information about the survey, contact Joe Baggett at (731) 968-3662 or by email at jbaggett@lexingtonelectric.com.

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