Holiday travelers are back on the roads

JACKSON, Tenn. — Are you willing to travel for the holidays, we talk to some people who are.

While most of us stayed in for Thanksgiving, there were many of us who hit the road for the holidays.

One traveler says he wanted to see his family while they’re still healthy.

“This holiday, I was back on the East Coast visiting some of my family, to help them out with some issues. And then I was down in New Jersey with my in-laws celebrating with my sister-in-law whose going through chemo right now,” said traveler, David Voorhees.

He says the roads were packed compared to Thanksgiving last year. “More people are out, that’s for sure. More everything,” Voorhees said.

One local truck driver visited his sister in Nashville and says he definitely saw a surge in holiday travel compared to last year.

“Traffic was a lot heavier this year, than I remember it being last year during this time,” said traveler, David Eads.

A local resident says he was just happy to see the family he didn’t get to see last year.

“It was a great experience, I didn’t get to see them last year. I didn’t get to see them the year before, because of the beginning of COVID. But man, I want to say it was really a good experience to see those smiles and see those that I haven’t seen in a few years,” said local resident, Lewis Bratley III.

He also says he traveled for the food. “We had greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, and yams. Yeah, we had it all man,” Bratley said.

It seems more and more people are planning on traveling for the holidays, are you one of them?

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