Multiplying Good: Linda Seaman

It’s time for Multiplying Good, an award given to people making a positive impact in the community. It’s in partnership with Leaders Credit Union.

Linda Seaman runs Loving Paws Kitty Lover’s animal rescue, helping to save cats and kittens who would otherwise be in a tragic situation.

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“Our local organization, which is the Jackson Animal Care center, they can only take from the city. So, people were ending up having to take abandoned abused animals to the local Jackson Rabies Control, and after 14 days those animals are put to sleep,” Seaman explained.

Animal rescue groups like Loving Paws pull the animals out of the kill shelters. It’s an expensive process costing 62 dollars to get an adult cat out and 30 dollars to get a kitten out.

“At Rabies Control, there are like 4 or 5 animal rescues for dogs that pull animals, I am the only rescue that pulls the cats,” Seaman said.

After rescuing the cats, the challenge begins of getting the animals adopted.

“Linda is one of our partners for the PetSmart charities where we have adoptions for our pets,” shared PetSmart store leader Elizabeth Brunson.

Brunson says people like Linda are crucial when it comes to helping cats find their forever homes.

“They take care and foster the pets at home. Like if they rescue a pet, and the pet is scared, it’s like fostering a child and just bringing them around to loving so that when they go to your home they’re still loving,” Brunson explained.

“At any given time I have 30 to 40 cats at my house and it’s very costly to feed them, to vet them. Every animal I bring into this store has been spayed or neutered. It’s fully vetted with all their vaccines,” Seaman said.

Seaman says the amount of help needed only increased when the Coronavirus pandemic hit.

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“Taking in cats from people that lost their jobs, could no longer afford to feed their cats, or they have to relocate to a smaller place that does not allow animals,” Seaman said.

She offers a piece of advice for anyone thinking about getting a cat.

“Adopt don’t shop,” Seaman said.

Through the partnership of more than 4,000 organizations like Loving Paws Kitty Lovers animal rescue, PetSmart charities has been able to adopt out more than 9 million pets nationwide.

Loving Paws is in need of donations for cat food, vet fees, and the cost to spay and neuter.
For more information on Loving Paws and how you can help donate to the cause, foster a cat, or even adopt a pet call Linda Seaman at 731-394-9622.

If you know someone doing good in their community, you can nominate them for the Multiplying Good Award here.

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