Salvation Army holds national competition to raise funds

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Salvation Army held a friendly competition on Friday.

Salvation Army Lt. Mark Cancia says officers across the nation competed to see who can raise the most funds for the National Commander’s Challenge.

“So today is our National Challenge, where the national commander has said any individual, officer, employee, or advisory board member that is able to raise more than he is, he will match those funds and come and visit,” Cancia said.

Members of the Salvation Army were across Jackson, ringing the bells, raising funds to help the community, and also having a fun time.

“Today we are not only raising the funds that are needed to help neighbors that may be vulnerable or in need, but we are also able to compete against other individuals across the United States to raise money, to do good,” Cancia said. “So not only are we doing the mission, but we are having fun while we do it.”

Cancia says those funds go to help your neighbors, always staying local.

“Funds that are raised here in Jackson, they get to stay here in Jackson,” Cancia said. “Whether it’s buying food for our food pantry, or keeping families in their homes, or buying a bus ticket for somebody who might be stranded and need to get back to their home.”

Cancia says he has confidence they will be the ones to earn a visit from the National Commander, Kenneth Hodder.

“I think we have a strong chance. I’ve called my friends. My friends are coming. They’ve sent in checks already, and so we are adding them to the kettle for today. So we are going to do our best. We showed up, right?” Cancia said.

If you missed getting in your donation on Friday, but want to help them win the National Challenge, you still have the weekend.

Cancia says you can write “National Commanders Challenge” or “National Challenge” on the check and drop it off by the latest early Monday morning.

They are located at 125 Allen Avenue, Jackson, Tennessee  38301.

You can always donate in the future through their website.

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