How to get help with unemployment benefits

JACKSON, Tenn. — Are unemployment claims still an issue for some of you?

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News spoke with state leaders, and they say there are several reasons why their application is taking longer to process and how you could get help.

“We are working on that, and we feel pretty confident that those benefits will be granted. However, some of the delays were because there was some information left off that were never submitted to the unemployment office,” said State Representative Johnny Shaw.

He says some unemployment applications were denied because of something that happened before people submitted their paperwork.

“A few of them were people who had other issues that happened on their jobs. That’s the reason why they did not get the benefits. We get it from the constituents, and we pass it on to the unemployment office. Most of them, once we get through to the office, if they are legal and all of the information is there, they will eventually, if they have not already got their benefits,” Shaw said.

He also says COVID-19 played a big factor with processing the unemployment claims.

“I will admit that the virus caught us all off guard, and we did have a bigger problem early on this year getting those benefits in for people,” Shaw said. “But after things got settled, we’ve pretty much been able to get most of the benefits that people have applied for if all the information was on the application.”

State Representative Chris Todd says unemployment numbers have decreased.

“A few weeks ago I met with the commissioner over at Labor and Workforce Development. One thing I learned is that we’re actually, unemployment number wise, we’re back down to about where we were pre-COVID. And then the number of folks that are on unemployment, drawing unemployment benefits, are about the same as it was pre-COVID,” Todd said.

Both state representatives say they will do whatever they can to help anyone with their unemployment.

“Certainly reach out to our office. We’ll be glad to make that connection and bring your case to the forefront so that the right people are looking at it and can get on it faster and streamline it as much as possible,” Todd said.

If you would like to get in contact with Shaw, his office number is (615) 741-4538.

Todd’s phone number is (615) 741-7475.

State Senator Ed Jackson’s phone number is (615) 741-1810.

State Senator Page Walley’s phone number is (615) 741-2368.

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