City of McKenzie prepares for economic growth

MCKENZIE, Tenn. — The City of McKenzie invited the Municipal Technical Advisory Service to discuss how surrounding communities can prepare for economic growth.

“We don’t want to be left behind, we don’t want to look back later and say ‘Why didn’t we know this?’ So we felt that it was important for people in or area to prepare for this growth,” said McKenzie Mayor Jill Holland.

This presentation comes as communities all across West Tennessee prepare for the billion-dollar Memphis regional megasite.

“We have our design standards where we meet with the community, ‘Okay, how do we want to preserve the character of what we have here in McKenzie?'” Mayor Holland said.

This presentation touched on preparing and updating plans that have already been in place and how much money improvements are going to cost.

“I’ve already talked to MTAS about a strategic plan for our Parks and Recreation department, and we’re also talking to them about the strategic plan for our community, and from what I understand, the state is going to come in and help us through these different steps,” said Holland.

Mayor Holland says when the megasite is open, McKenzie will continue to update and develop their plans to well fit the needs of the community.

“We’ve always got to look forward to the future, and even though we may not see it or it may not be something that may not be in our lifetime, I think we have to plan for it,” Holland said.

The megasite will provide thousands of jobs to residents across West Tennessee.

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