Countdown to Christmas has shoppers hitting the stores

JACKSON, Tenn. — The countdown to Christmas has reached the last few days, and shoppers are squeezing in those last minute purchases.

Jackson resident Stephanie Graham says she is out getting her last minute gifts.

“I have one or two things I am getting for my son, and a little something more for my mom, but I am just about finished. I have worked up until the last minute so I am just getting last minute stuff,” Graham said.

But Graham says her to do list is not finished just yet.

“Yeah I have a lot of wrapping. That is my least favorite part. I like to wrap, but a lot, I don’t like to wrap,” Graham said.

Shopper Emma Lobosco is also finishing up her holiday shopping, and says she has had issues with finding items that she needs.

“A lot of things are sold out that I am really needing, or they don’t have sizes and stuff like that. I went into a store the other day and tried to find a hoodie, but there was no size that I could find,” Lobosco said.

But for resident Teresa Woods, she hasn’t had an issue with finding the right presents for her family.

Shopping 2

“I haven’t. I started way back and have a closet I put a lot of things in. I will get them out and decide who gets this and who gets that,” Woods said.

She says along with presents, they have a special tradition that everyone looks forward to.

“The elf has to come out and the grandkids love the elf. They always look for the elf every year and where the elf is. That is one tradition and just getting together and eating, watching the grandkids, [having] a good time,” Woods said.

Graham says this year they wanted to focus more on spending time with family than unwrapping gifts.

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