New year, new you? Local gyms ready for those with fitness resolutions

JACKSON, Tenn. — If your New Year’s resolution is to get back into fitness, The Lift in Jackson says don’t wait until January 1 — instead, start mentally preparing now.

“Think of it as everything is a marathon, not a sprint,” says The Lift’s Membership Manager Syrena Flowers. “So if you want to lose weight, don’t try and lose 60 pounds in two months, because that’s not realistic. So pick something small.”

Flowers says keeping motivation is one of the biggest challenges.

“If you fall off one day, don’t let that be what keeps you down, just because you have one day you forget to work out or you don’t stick with your diet,” said Flowers. “Just start back fresh the next day.”

Flowers says The Lift offers some easy ways to keep on track.

“If losing weight is something that you want, find something that you enjoy, not everybody likes to do the same thing. And that’s the great thing about Lift, is we kind of have something for everybody.”

Whether that’s walking the track, a group fitness class, or lifting weights, they say whatever you personally like is what’s going to keep you motivated.

“A lot of times, if you’re brand new to a gym, people will walk in [and] see other people working out and you tend to compare yourself, but everyone’s goal is different,” said Flowers. “Everyone’s fitness level and your journey is different. So don’t let that be intimidating.”

COVID hit The Lift hard like it did every other wellness facility, but to ensure the health and safety of their members, they set strict protocols, have a cleaning staff 24/7, and an Airfix unit.

“It’s actually going to help your body by working out and getting those endorphins. It’s going to help you to stay out of the hospital, so you definitely want to work out and come in. So we’re hoping that January will be as big just like it has been in the past,” Flowers said.

The whole month of January, The Lift has a $49 enrollment and has challenges coming up in February and March to keep members motivated.

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