Huntingdon residents brave the winter weather

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. — With the roads of West Tennessee covered in snow, Huntingdon residents shared how they prepared for the inclement weather.

One local worker says it was a breeze getting to work, but she’s afraid it’s going to be much more difficult going home.

“The trip home is going to be tricky cause I live out on the back road. So it’s going to be non-salted roads that are hilly and curvy,” said Jill Conger, a cashier at Hardware House.

Others shared that they are out to stock up on groceries and home necessities in case things get worse or the roads freeze over.

“Man, it’s cold man! I had to do a whole lot of grocery shopping today. A whole lot of running that I didn’t want to do, but I’m here today,” said William and Brandon.

And some say they are out because they have a job to do.

“It was hard getting up, getting out and getting to work,” said Penny Allen, the manager of Vape & Smoke Shop. “Business today is really, really, really slow because nobody can really get out and do anything, you know.”

Most of the residents said they prepared by bundling up and doing what they can to get out of the driveway and onto the road.

“Wear some clothes. Yeah! Loaded down on them sweaters,” William and Brandon said.

“Basically salt. Lot’s of salt and heating the vehicle up, trying to get that ready before we leave to come all the way from Cedar Grove to here to work,” Allen said.

If you do have to get out in this weather, be sure to drive safe and responsibly.

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