Wrecking in snow and ice: what to do next

JACKSON, Tenn. — Road conditions due to Thursday’s inclement weather are affecting those driving in Tennessee.

While some people try their best to drive safe, some accidents are inevitable.

If you get into an accident, first get to a safe place.

“Their safety’s our priority,” said Captain Justin Harris with the Jackson Police Department. “If they’re able to move off the roadway and not be in the lane of traffic, we would highly suggest that. Warm your car with the heat and call us. If it’s injury or an emergency, call 911. If it’s a non-emergency call, then (731) 425-8400.”

As of Friday, JPD is responding as normal. But if they go into inclement weather mode, they suggest to report wrecks over the phone.

“We were in inclement weather mode, which is only responding to when the roads are blocked,” Harris said. “If there’s an emergency or potential life in danger or an injury, then we responded to that, but if it was a minor fender bender then during our inclement weather policy, we recommend just swapping insurance and swapping information with the other party involved.”

Once you are in safe surroundings, call a tow truck to get the car towed to a facility that can repair the vehicle.

“A lot of times people throw in an oil pan or a radiator in inclement weather. We take care of all of that,” said Christian Brothers Automotive Owner Aaron Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald says once a vehicle is brought to them, they check the customer in and inspect the vehicle.

“We would find out what is wrong with the vehicle and give a detailed estimate to the customer before we proceeded with any work on there, get their approval if we need to deal with an insurance company,” said Fitzgerald. “We will contact the insurance company and do all the paperwork to make it as painless as we can for the person bringing their vehicle.”

But before you have to deal with this, try best to avoid it with safe driving.

“Take it slow,” Fitzgerald said. “If you’re a few minutes late for work, your boss will understand. Give yourself enough time. Don’t expect to get there the same amount of time in early to be careful and be safe.”

JPD advises you to stay off the roads until they are clear, unless it’s necessary.

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