From uniforms to suit and ties, 731 Crime Stoppers hold 4th annual ball

JACKSON, Tenn. — 731 Crime Stoppers held their 4th Annual Law Enforcement Ball to honor brave men and women in law enforcement.

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“We do this to raise money for a reward fund, to buy equipment for Crime Stoppers and training for the board members. And without this, we wouldn’t have the money to pay rewards to catch scumbags and morons that are running loose everyday,” said 731 Crime Stoppers Lieutenant, Mike Johnson.

This ball is not only for law enforcement, but a thank you, to the Jackson community for helping stop crime.

“People that’s called Crime Stoppers have helped to recover almost two million dollars in property that was stolen, and paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in rewards,” Johnson said.

And although tonight is about raising money, it’s also a chance to unwind.

“Probably won’t see me dancing much,” said Jackson Police Department Chief, Thom Corley.

And, have fun.

“You gonna see me dancing, shaking a leg,” Johnson said.

Tonight’s ball reflects on the hard work of many law enforcement officers, but without the positive relationship between law enforcement and the community, this wouldn’t be possible. 

“We need the community. We can’t do this alone, certainly when things happen and we don’t want them to happen. But when things happen, we need that information from the community to help us solve crimes. So, the relationship we have with the community is paramount,” Corley said.

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