TDOT Crews prepare for potential snow storm

JACKSON, Tenn. — A few West Tennessee counties could see snow later this weekend. TDOT crews are gearing up for potential weather conditions.

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West Tennessee can expect up to five inches of snow this weekend and TDOT crews are filling up their trucks and cleaning off their plows to prepare for what is to come. 

Nichole Lawrence with TDOT says, if you don’t need to leave home, the best thing you can do is avoid roads, but if you have to leave make sure to drive slow and with caution.

“We made sure that the plow trucks were full of salt, the plow blades were on the equipment and ready to go, the brine trucks were ready, our gas was topped off, we made sure all of that was prepared the last few days and ready to go when the crews started coming in on Saturday evening,” says Region four Community relations officer, Nichole Lawrence.

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