Bull riders return to the Hub City

JACKSON, Tenn. —Bull Riders saddle up Saturday night for the ride of their life.

Fans gathered at the Oman Arena to witness a thrill of a lifetime.

Officials of the Rodeo said that Tennessee is one of the best states to perform the sport and that the best riders gather here in Jackson.

“It’s just a great event, the rest of the guys, a lot of local guys here in West Tn in the surrounding Tennessee areas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, from all over the place,” said JC Burns,  social media coordinator, Cooper Tires Cody Nance Invitational.

They also said the event has grown bigger throughout the years and that they expect it to continue to exceed expectations.

‘It is the original tough man event, you know back in the day. I don’t know the exact days when it was going on. You know guys were like hold my beer and watch this. Whoever was the toughest could stay on the longest,” Burns said.

Bull Riders who participated in the event said that they enjoy the thrill of the ride and that they’re fans are what keeps them going.

“ Ain’t no better environment than the rodeo environment.” Everybody’s kind and most cowboys try to go out of their way to help people and look out for their fellow cowboys,” said bull rider, John Curtis.

Curtis said, he started riding for his dad after he passed from cancer and that he passed on the title to his son.

“In 2018 my dad passed and he was a bull rider and I started riding bulls in 2018 for him,” Curtis said.

Rodeo officials say that they hope the Oman Arena continue to host this event so they can make it bigger and better every year.

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