Educator of the Week: Rachel Curry

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Educator Of The Week Rachel Curry

Rachel Curry has been teaching her first grade class for five years now at Milan Elementary.

“I wanted to teach first grade because it’s the first grade where they learn to read, do math, addition and subtraction, and I wanted to be a positive influence to get all of that started,” Curry said.

And positivity is one popular subject in Curry’s classroom.

She wants her students to start their education journey on a positive note so they enjoy school later on.

“Start them out enjoying to learn when they are young. I try to be a display of how that can be fun and exciting, and it doesn’t have to be dreadful to go to school,” Curry said.

And while Curry thinks she is the one teaching her students, they teach her some things sometimes too.

“I have really learned this year to be compassionate, to open up, and to be there for them in other ways other than school,” Curry said. “Because they really learn from someone who they think they can relate to.”

And that’s why getting to know every students that walks into her classroom is so important to Curry.

“Each year you get to know different students, and you get to learn more about them and help them not only in their school life, but in their home life too,” Curry said.

Curry genuinely wants every one of her students to succeed, even after they leave her class.

So she encourages them to work hard and have a positive attitude all year long.

“A successful school year is when we have all gave it our all, we show up every day, we come to school, and we have a positive attitude,” Curry said.

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