Experts spread awareness during National Kidney Month

JACKSON, Tenn. — The month of March is National Kidney Month, and experts are spreading awareness about kidney disease.

Kidney Experts

Your kidneys can be compared to an air filtration system for your body.

They’re responsible for cleaning your blood and making sure all of those impurities are out of your body.

Unfortunately, kidney disease is quite common.

To prevent it, experts say having a healthy diet, cutting back on smoking, and actively exercising lower your chances of having kidney disease.

“Over time they kind of get worn out. It’s like an air conditioning filter. You’ve got to change it every so often. Well, these filters, they fix themselves, but at some point they get hit so many times that they lose the ability to repair themselves. And that’s where you get more chronic kidney disease,” said Shree Mulay, the CEO and nephrologist for the Kidney Experts.

As March is National Kidney Month, March 10 will also mark World Kidney Day.

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