Jackson Madison County Sports Hall of Fame

The Jackson Madison county sports Hall of fame ceremony took place at the Carl Perkins Civic Center.

As five former Athletes from the hub city were honored for all their
Hard work and dedication to the love of sports.

The Five were John Collins who was a five time mid south golden glove
Champion, Tommy dean who won best coach of the year four years,
Aj Merriweather former south side basketball standout and 4 year
Harlem globetrotter.

James Parker who was inducted into the Lambuth
Sports hall of fame in 2006 and Jennifer Moore Wilkerson who dominated
In softball as a pitcher..

One of the speakers for the event was former
New York giant executive Jerry Reese who said

Screen Shot 2022 04 14 At 94017 Pm

“It’s a exciting time”

“We really here to celebrate all the inductees for tonight its exciting
time for all the accomplishments they’ve had over their careers so that’s what
most important tonight and we have some young people getting scholarships
tonight to as well just wanted to be here to say some positive things and help these
guys celebrate.”