Bells company partners to increase recycling in West Tennessee

BELLS, Tenn. — A local company has set out to make the world a better place through the power of recycling.

Bells Company Partners To Increase Recycling In West Tennessee

Recycle Aerosol, a small family-owned company in Bells partnered with Ball Corporation to increase the recycling rates in West Tennessee and across the country.

Gary Okey, the vice president of the company, says it is their mission to maintain a clean environment by reducing the number of contaminants by recycling aerosol.

“There’s an interest by business and by consumers to have better recycling. We developed a way that we can not just recycle aerosol cans into other products, but we can recycle aerosol cans so they can become new aerosol cans,” Okey said.

Okey says everyone should care about the environment, and says clean energy should be the prominent solution to our problems with the climate and environment.

“Most people in West Tennessee are in favor of a clean environment. We all want a better future for the environment, we all want to, hopefully, use natural resources wisely,” Okey said.

He says with the amount of factories and plants coming into West Tennessee, the waste from those companies can eventually become an environmental hazard if not handled correctly.

Okey says nearly every company uses aerosol-based products, and his business can be a great resource for those looking to properly dispose.

“We’re a regional asset that you wouldn’t find in other parts of the country because we’re readily available to help those businesses recycle properly,” Okey said.

Okey says he and the company would like to extend their hand to the community by offering employment opportunities. He also thanks the people of West Tennessee for supporting them.

He says without that support, the company could not continue to grow.

“We’ve been here for almost 40 years. It’s a family-owned business, second generation, and we’re a small, local company so we appreciate the support of the community here,” Okey said.

Okey says the company is expanding and seeking new employees.

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