Tips for managing summertime pests

JACKSON, Tenn. — You may start noticing some unwanted guests coming into your home.

One local exterminator says as the temperature rises, pests start coming off their vacation.

“It’s like they’re coming out of hibernation. We’ll start having a lot of spiders. Ants are a big big issue right now. A lot of people are dealing with ants. Those are the things we’re out there everyday trying to battle and control for people,” said David Markowski, the owner of Homestead Pest Management.

Markowski says there are several places these pests will go to.

“They’re going to be mainly kitchen, bathrooms, occasionally in bedrooms, but more towards those water and food sources is what they’re looking for,” Markowski said.

He says there are several ways you can help prevent them.

“Make sure there’s caulk in their windows, their doors. Make sure the thresholds are good, especially for spiders. Spiders are going to use underneath doors to get into a home. Any kind of little crack or anything, they’re going to get in,” Markowski said.

He also says to make sure you’re using the right traps.

“If you go in to the store, look for anything that’s specifically labeled for the pest that you’re going after,” Markowski said.

Markowski says his team uses different things from ants.

“A lot of baits for ants. I just think they work better. They work more at the source,” Markowski said.

He says for spiders you can use glue traps.

“Glue traps. If you have a garage, put them on either side of the doors, that way they are catching them as they are coming inside the house,” Markowski said.

Markowski says if you use any insecticides or traps, be sure to read the labels and safety warnings when using them.

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