Local counties to see expansion in broadband internet

HARDEMAN COUNTY, Tenn. — Broadband internet services are coming to Hardeman and surrounding counties.

Bolivar Energy Authority has begun a new partnership with Aeneas Internet and Telephone, conveying a new sense of expectation to the area when it comes to broadband.

More than 15,000 rural homes and businesses will be given the opportunity to expand their services.

The CEO and President of Bolivar Energy Authority Tony Kirk was all smiles at Monday’s gathering as he expressed what this project will mean to the Hardeman County community.

“It’s huge for our community. We are a rural community without any access to broadband in a lot of places. With this, we can get it where we can have growth, we can have economic growth. Not only that, but it helps the families, students in our area be able to get their access the internet like anybody else,” Kirk said.

Kirk says the project is estimated to be conducted within 24 months.

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