Jackson’s Bicentennial Celebration ends with a bang!

JACKSON, Tenn. — The bicentennial celebration ended tonight with a bang, and a great concert.

To end off the year long celebration the Jackson Madison County Bicentennial welcomes a couple of special artists to the ball park in Jackson.

“Definitely want to see LoLo and the Commodores. I’m here to see some commodores,” said concert attendee.

“The Commodores girl,” said concert attendee.

“We are out here celebrating the bicentennial for Jackson Madison County. This is kind of the culmination of a whole year’s worth of effort. We had our kickoff event, now we’re here at our finale event. We have LoLo, we have the Commodores, we have a firework show going, so we’re just excited to celebrate the past and the future,” said Leigh Anne Bentley, Chief Marketing Officer for the Jackson-Madison County Bicentennial Committee.

The day has been filled with bicentennial events from the parade, to the burying of the time capsule, and to end it all off, live performances.

“We went to City Hall to check out the time capsule contents. We went this morning to the parade, I’m trying to think of what else we’ve been to… we’ve been to several little things,” said concert attendee.

“Today the time capsule was actually pretty cool,” attendee said.

“We’re kind of new to it, so this week we’ve been trying to celebrate. So tonight we got live music, so yeah we’re excited,” attendee said.

LoLo took the stage first and played some songs from her new album, along with some classics, and after that the Commodores hit the stage.

“We just want to thank all of our sponsors. We want to thank everybody who made this possible, that legacy sponsor, the event sponsor, volunteers and it’s not possible without all of them,” Bentley said.

Attendees got the chance to dance and sing along with with the performers, all to celebrate Jackson Madison County’s 200th Birthday.

“We’re just really impressed, but the compassion and all that’s going on in Jackson, especially what’s happening downtown,” said attendee.

“I want most of all of Jackson to come to the bicentennial, because it’s so fun and you get to celebrate Jackson’s 200th Birthday, ” said concert attendee.

The night ended with a big bang, as guests ended the bicentennial celebration enjoying fireworks.

After covering a number of bicentennial events this year here at WBBJ-7, we want to wish Jackson Madison County a Happy 200th Birthday!

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