Remembering those lost, one step at a time

JACKSON, Tenn. –This morning many remembered the lives taken during 9/11.

21 years ago, the United States of America changed forever. Many remember to this day, the exact moment when they heard the devastating news about 9/11.

Fire Chief Darryl Samuels shares the importance of hosting memorial events like these.

“Anyone that was born from 2001 until now, may not know of that event. So it is up to us, to keep it in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Never forget. Never forget, that terrorists attacked on the United States September 11, 2001,” Samuels said.

On that day, first responders answered the call of need, and for many, it was the last call they would ever have.

Mayor Scott Conger shares his thoughts on these heroes.

“They went in, just like every other disaster they were facing, another 911 call. And they did that, sacrificing their own lives for the protection and safety of others. So, it’s important that we recognize their sacrifice, and also recognize the sacrifice and dedication that our own local heroes put on the line every day,” Conger said.

One of the ways our local fire department has decided to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice is with a Memorial Stair Climb.

Latrell Billingsley, PIO of the Jackson Fire Department, informs us of the purpose behind the stair climb.

“They were ascending the stairs to help mitigate the fire risk, and the fire situation. Because the planes had struck the building. So that’s the purpose of, the reasoning behind the climb. Now on these stairs. We are going up and down here in the ballpark. Down stairs don’t count. So it’s a tall task, ahead of us. You get a little rest, but only the steps up will be counted,” Billingsley said.

The Patriot Day Memorial Stair Climb is planning to be an annual event, in the memory of those who gave everything for their country.

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