Educator of the Week: Jo Robbin Buckley

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Jo Robbin Buckley loves educating her 8th grade math class at Dresden Middle School, but she says it’s not just about the math. Building their confidence in the subject is important too.

“It’s not so much about the math information, it’s how they begin to see themselves and gain confidence and eventually they get really good at it,” Buckley said.

Buckley says hands on activities are good for keeping her students engaged, but the constant repetition over the school year is what really makes the subject stick.

“I try to make my quizzes and tests all cumulative, where its just a combination of everything that we’ve been doing,” said Buckley. “Because it takes going over it and over it and over it for it to click.”

And while the repetition is important, it means nothing without effort. Buckley says she expects just as much effort out of her students as she gives them.

“I tell them every day, I’m going to give you everything I have,” said Buckley. “And I tell them, if you guys will give me everything you have, then we’re going to be successful.”

Because the effort they have now will follow them even after school and to do great things in their life.

“If they will give it all they have now at 13, it will matter when they’re 23, 33, 43… What they’re doing right now at 13 will affect all those other years of their adulthood,” Buckley said.

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