Educator of the Week: Stefanie Bishop

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Stefanie Bishop loves teaching her second grade class a variety of different subjects, but reading has to be her favorite. And she shares this with her students by adding books and items that each of them enjoy.

“If you don’t like what you’re reading, then you won’t want to read. So if I can find a book that hooks them all in different ways, that’s my goal,” Bishop said.

Bishop says she likes to incorporate other subjects with hands-on activities that interest them, so she wrote a grant for her STEM kits that her students get to experiment on at the end of the day.

“They get to spend that time on science, technology, engineering, or math where they can build and experiment, and that’s been a great positive in my classroom,” Bishop said.

Bishop loves how independent but energetic her class is at Parris South Elementary School, so she tries to let them be in control of things like seating. She says she gives them a variety of flexible seating option across her room.

“Bouncy chairs, and squiggly seats, and rolly chairs. They pick what’s best for them and some children genuinely like just a regular chair, and they thrive on that and that’s fine. It’s whatever works best for them,” Bishop said.

Bishop says her second grade students are her favorite part of her job, and she loves investing in their success and future. But even after they leave, they will always be her students.

“They’re not just my second graders for one year, they’re my second graders forever. I’ve gone to baby showers, weddings, and graduations and I’m invested in their lives forever,” Bishop said.

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