Gas price could break 10 year record on Thanksgiving

JACKSON, Tenn. — The year 2022 could see the highest Thanksgiving gas prices ever.

Nearly 20% percent more Americans are planning to hit the road, and the projected average price of $3.68 on Thanksgiving day could break the record set 10 years ago.

As Americans prepare to hit the road for the holiday, average gasoline prices will be at their highest seasonal level ever for the weekend.

Patrick Dehaan, with GasBuddy, explained the steps to take and things to keep in mind to save you some money this travel season.

“GasBuddy’s app was born to help out, find motorists the lowest prices when they do need to fill up. There’s a pretty wide discrepancy between what stations are charging in various areas of Tennessee. So if you’re hitting the road, you can find gas prices, according to GasBuddy, for under $2.70 a gallon,” Dehaan said.

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