Educator of the Week: Deidre Jones

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. — It is time for this week’s Educator of the Week, brought to you by the Tennessee Education Lottery.

Deidre Jones had babysitters as a child who grew up to be teachers. And that influenced her in her path to be like them.

“They brought us home from school and brought us to school some days, and I wanted to be like them. And then the more I grew, I had teachers who influenced me throughout my life, and I just always knew I wanted to be a teacher, “Jones said.

Now, Jones has been teaching for 15 years at Bradford Elementary School and loves her kindergarten class, including all of their personalities and excitement for learning.

“They are so excited to learn, and they are just so loving and considerate and they love each other. And it’s like you have your own little family in your classroom. They are just precious,” Jones said.

Jones says this is a pivotal time in their life, and her students are usually excited to come learn. But either way, she tries to keep the learning fun.

“I try to always let them know, even when they leave me, that I am still here. Come visit me,  come give me some hugs, I need to see them throughout the day. I want to watch them grow, and I feel like they know that,” Jones said.

Jones says she really enjoys teaching phonics because she loves watching their growth and learning new words and reading.

“This is their biggest opportunity to learn. They’re learning those foundational skills right now that, you know, will help them become readers in first and second grade,” Jones said.

Jones always tries to make her students feel welcome even when they leave her classroom.

So watching them grow after they leave is so fulfilling.

“Phonics because that is their main growth. And so that is somewhere where I can see them grow and see them be successful,” Jones said.

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