Educator of the Week: Christian Wall

It’s time to recognize this week’s Educator of the Week, brought to you by the Tennessee Education Lottery.

Coach Christian Wall is a third grade math and science teacher at McKenzie Elementary School and says every since he was a kid, young children have always gravitated toward him.

He says that made his decision to become a teacher simple.

“Started out wanting to teach history, and then I realized I needed to be more with younger students,” Wall said. “So I changed my major, became K-8 instead of history in high school. So that is kind of how I got to where I am now.”

Wall says he loves what he does, but he likes to bring a little bit of his own style to the classroom. And that is by singing and dancing.

“What would be a fun way to make students remember things? Since I already like singing, and most children like music and like to sing, dance, and get up. I just added some words and made it stick. It seems to be fun for them, so it is fun for me,” Wall said.

And he says, as a coach, he brings that high motivational energy, which gets the students excited to learn.

“It is easy to motivate a student. Get with them and let them know that you are energized, let them know that it is important to you. When it is important to you, it becomes important to them. Then they turn around and put their time and effort into it. It keeps them going and that way it is not the same thing everyday,” Wall said.

But whether he is coaching from the sidelines or dancing in the classroom, it is all about pushing the students to their full potential.

“You are pushing your athletes to be the best athletes that they can, and when you are teaching, you are doing the same. You are trying to get the most out of your students as you can,” Wall said.

Wall says the best part is, of course, the students.

“The students by far are the best part because you get to see things in them that others don’t. You get to see them have that lightbulb effect, like most people say. You get to see things click, see them grow. They love, at least in our building, the love from our students is probably the most fun part,” Wall said.

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