New career path available for Lane College students

JACKSON, Tenn. — A new opportunity for students at is now available at a local college.

“They would like to major in nursing and they don’t have a pathway. Until now. We do now. We have a pathway,” said Charlie Folsom Jr., the Student Affairs Admission Manager at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Students at Lane College will now have the chance to receive an education in the nursing field. Lane is partnering with the UT Health Science Center to provide that career path.

“We recognize that nursing is one of the top careers that students desire. Thus, this opportunity for us to get together will provide students with the opportunity to come to a respected institution at Lane College and end at the UT Health Science Center and obtain that nursing degree,” Folsom said.

Both institutes say this is a vital opportunity for both the students and the health field as a whole.

“We have a lot of students that are interested in nursing, and previously, we really didn’t have a pathway for them to achieve that. Now we do as, Dr. Hampton said. This is going to be a really great opportunity for our students to pursue nursing and advanced degrees,” said Dr. Melanie Van Stry, the Chair of the Division of Natural and Physical Sciences at Lane College.

“Any opportunity we get to increase the pipeline of nurses, as you all know we need more nurses, to have the opportunity to develop and strengthen this partnership with the students at Lane is just invaluable,” said Charleen McNeill, with UT Health Science Center.

McNeill said there are a few pathways for students.

They can enroll in a one year accelerated course or take the traditional two year course that goes at a slower pace. And there are opportunities, as well, for students to further their education beyond those programs.

“You do have to be a current student at Lane College in order to participate. If you are a graduate, we are going to welcome you with open arms as well, but you are past the partnership. So we are trying to recruit more students to Lane College and we want the students that are already here who are interested in signing up as well,” Folsom said.

And McNeill says it is crucial for health providers to represent the community that they serve.

“Partnering with an HBCU like Lane provides an avenue that we really need in nursing to serve the public,” McNeill said.

The partnership is available to enroll currently for students that are interested in the nursing pathways.

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