Training sessions address EMS worker shortage across state

JACKSON, Tenn. — Every week, people in the community have the chance to train for life-saving work and provide critical access to medical care.

The Tennessee Ambulance Services Association, along with emergency management service professionals, hold training classes from 8 in the morning to noon every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in Jackson.

There are plenty of openings to begin training, as there is a shortage of jobs across the state and country.

There have been five EMT basic classes so far this year.

Instructors say the courses are a chance to work on your goals while serving the community.


“The requirements are just being interested, we’re pre-hospital employment,” said Bobbie Doran, Coordinator for Safety Education and Quality Improvement, MedCenter EMS. “It’s just to advance their education, and of course we have a shortage of pre-hospital workers such as EMTs and Advanced EMTs and Paramedics. So this just gives them a start where they can do on-the-job training and then advance up to a paramedic if they like.”

It’s a two-and-a half month process where students can get paid to come to class by participating in on-the-job training.


Officials say overall, there have been 75 students to graduate.

The training is held at the Madison County Fire Department, located at 2432 Technology Center Drive in Jackson.

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