Educator of the Week: Giovonni Morton

It’s time to recognize this week’s Educator of the Week, brought to you by the Tennessee Education Lottery.


Giovonni Morton is a third grade science and social studies teacher at Alexander Elementary School.

Morton said she has loved learning since she was a little girl and has always aspired to become a teacher.

“I’ve been in education, now, 21 years and have just enjoyed every year. So it chose me,” Morton said.

Morton says the part she enjoys the most about her job is when a child really gets it and you know you’re creating a lifelong memory.

“I’ve had some students years ago that used to come back after they finished high school and said, ‘You know, Ms. Morton,’ or Mrs. Coleman at the time, they’d say, ‘Mrs. Coleman, it was something that you told me and it stuck,'” Morton said.

Morton says her favorite part of the job is seeing her students. She always makes sure to put on her happy face before walking into her classroom.

“The kids need to feel the joy and the love because they’re leaving mom and dad and their families and so, just giving them a safe haven in my classroom,” Morton said.

She says what makes her classroom and teaching skills unique is that she knows there is no one size that fits all.

“I try to strive to let that child work to their ability level and then help stretch them a little bit more to get them to the grade level they need to be on, but I first let them be themselves,” Morton said.

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