Dylan Murray heading to the DirtCar Nationals and Tom Brady Retires.

Big news for one driver out of West Tennessee as halls TNvery own Dylan Murray  is getting prepared to race in the DirtCar Nationals. The university of northwestern Ohio The nation’s leader in high performance motorsports
Education.Will once again send a contingent of students to Daytona and Volusia, Florida for 2023 speedweeks. Murray has been around Racing every since he was a kid watching his uncle race and he did his first Race at Camden Speedway in 2017. He wants people to know how muchRacing means to him and that it is a huge part of who he is. I had the Pleasure of speaking to him and he talked about preparations for a typicalRace and how this is  a lifestyle for him take a listen.

There’s a lot like physical preparation  in the shop obviously like getting the cars ready but mentally, it doesn’t feel like a lot preparation anymore its just something that comes so natural that I just do. Racing has really became more of a lifestyle for me I
Mean everything that I do anymore revolves around racing in some way and it’s really changed my life you know.

The event will take place from February 6th through the 11th and in March he will compete in winter
Heat at Lexington speedway on march 4th.

National signing day being today the UT  Martin Skyhawks football team decided to cash in. So far they have announced nine commitments Jaren Bowling, Taylor Burton,Chris Franklin,Armar Gordon jr.,Shaun Groves, Quincy Hamilton,Davion Hampton,Adarion Patton and Broderick Tommie jr. Now if you combine the early and regular day signing periods.They’ve brought in 14 players on defense and and 10 players on offense. Which now means they currently have received commitments from 24 players.

Thats right you heard the man its official this time tom Brady has retired for good.
He announced it earlier today on social media, the former patriot and Buccaneer was drafted as the 199th
Pick in the 2000 NFL draft and went on to defy the odds and win 7 Superbowls,3 time league MVP,NFL leader in career passing with
89,214 passing yards and 649 touchdown passes. To alot of people he turned back the hands of time playing 23 seasons and winning his seventh and final
ring at 43 years old. His imprint on the game of football will last for generations while he is  widely regarded as the greatest of all time….


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