New plans announced for Blue Oval City

JACKSON, Tenn. — New plans about the Blue Oval City have been announced.

Blue Oval City

On Wednesday, leaders throughout West Tennessee gathered online to hear the next steps in the preparation of Blue Oval City.

During the meeting, the phases of the regional plan were released.

It starts with the Discovery section of the plan taking place in the winter and spring of 2023, followed by the Assessment in summer 2023, and the Vision in fall of 2023.

“We’ll also be doing what I call regional data collection. We’ll be looking at your transportation system, your utility systems,” said said Eric Lusher, the Planning Department Leader at Gresham Smith. “And understanding how all of that kind of reflects what’s happening in the region of what’s going on the ground conditions.”

The completion of the plan will bring out needed information to move forward.

“I do want to emphasize some of the key pieces that will come into this regional plan are an evaluation and prioritization of projects, evaluation prioritization of planning needs. We’ll be doing funding analysis,” Lusher said.

The online web portal is public resource that will also be available.

“All those individual phase documents, the Discovery document, the Assessment document, the Vision document, all those will be up here once they’re there ready to be presented,” Lusher said.

Meetings will continue to take place throughout the timeline of the regional plan, and the next meeting will be held on February 22.

You can check out when the next meetings regarding Blue Oval City will be here.

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