What to know about bulk waste pick-up in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — Due to the recent severe weather events, the yards of many local residents have been left with unwanted debris.

The City of Jackson has new requirements for those who need to have bulk waste hauled away.

The regulations that became effective on January 1 of this year require all residential bulk waste pick-ups and residential bulk yard waste pick-ups to be pre-scheduled with the Department of Health and Sanitation.

“You have to be living in the residence where you put the pile out, and you have to be paying for sanitation service is basically the requirements for collection,” said Chris Woods, the Superintendent of the Department of Health and Sanitation.

Household wastes, such as food waste, bottles, wastepaper, cans, clothing, and general refuse shall not be mixed with residential bulk waste.

In addition, any waste generated on the residential unit’s property for profit or personal gain, including construction debris, are not considered bulk waste eligible.

Yard waste must not consist of limbs or trunks that are longer than 8-feet or more than 12-inches in width.

“You get 12 pick-ups per year per resident. You have to stay within a guideline of 5-foot wide, 5-foot high, and 8-foot in length. No construction debris. And if you hire a contractor to do any work for you, that contractor is responsible for hauling that debris off,” Woods said.

In order to get your residential waste picked up, you must notify the Department of Health and Sanitation at least 48 hours in advance.

“You can schedule or report a pile in several different ways. You can call our office at (731) 425-8545. You can go to trash.jacksontn.gov and you can do it online yourself,” Woods said.

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