Annual conference inspires greatness among African American leaders

JACKSON, Tenn. — African American leaders gather for an annual conference.

The University of Tennessee at Martin’s WestStar Leadership Program hosted the 24th Annual African American Leadership Conference on Tuesday at the West Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center in Jackson.

The conference connects African Americans in leadership positions and diverse work environments throughout West Tennessee.

The conference will feature speakers from private business, education and health care, along with elected officials.

“Just getting motivated and inspired to know that we can move forward,” said Sharron Murden, WestStar committee member and alum. “We can work together, we can pool together our knowledge and our strength whereby we can grow and be successful. I think today is just a matter of education and inspiring people to greatness.”

The conference is made possible by WestStar in partnership with the City of Brownsville, Conner Real Estate, Jonah Housing Authority, and many others.

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