Governor Lee to call for special session

NASHVILLE, Tenn. —Governor Lee calls for a special session on public safety.

According to the office of Governor Bill Lee, he has requested  to convene a special session with the Tennessee General Assembly to pass legislation that addresses public safety and preserves constitutional rights. Further details along with an official call will be issued in the coming days.

Gov. Lee released the following statements.

“After much input from members of the General Assembly and discussions with legislative leadership, we have decided to call a special session to continue our work to protect Tennessee communities and preserve constitutional rights,” said Gov. Lee.

“There is broad agreement that dangerous, unstable individuals who intend to harm themselves or others should not have access to weapons. We also share a strong commitment to preserving Second Amendment rights, ensuring due process and addressing the heart of the problem with strengthened mental health resources. I look forward to continued partnership with the General Assembly as we pursue thoughtful, practical solutions to keep Tennesseans safe.”

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