University School: Betha Pucek

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Betha Pucek

Soccer, Track & Cross Country, Basketball Manager – Pre-Nursing, UT Chattanooga

Why did you first choose your sport?

I chose these sports to stay active, compete, and to make memories with my friends.

Are you excited for college?

Yes. I am excited to move on and begin my next chapter.

What is your favorite memory from your athletic career in high school?

My favorite memory would have to be winning state two times with my soccer team. 

What about your sport brings you the most joy?

The thing about my sport that brings me the most joy would have to be the relationships that I made throughout the years, whether it be with younger, older, or just girls my age.

What’s your advice for future athletes?

My advice is to just have fun. Often, there’s lots of pressure on high school athletes to play and be the best, but sometimes you just need to give yourself some slack and allow yourself to enjoy it.

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