Citizens Protest Councilman’s Blog

Two protestors holding signs

were part of the audience at the

Jackson City Council’s meeting,

Tuesday morning.  They are upset

with Councilman Frank Neudecker

and a controversial posting on

his personal blog that takes aim

at the first family, minorities

and homosexuals. 

In an interview with ABC 7

Eyewitness News on Friday,

Neudecker told us he stands

behind his authors and said his

blog has nothing to do with his

role on the council.  But the

protestors thing differently and

voiced that concern directly to

Mayor Jerry Gist. 

“You can’t let Frank

Neudecker do what he wants to do

and keep getting away with it,”

Teresa Trice told Mayor Jerry

Gist, after the meeting

adjourned.  “You’re going to

have to do something about this


Gist told Trice that as mayor

he can not “muzzle” the

council.  “They certainly have

the right to say whatever they

want to say,” said Mayor Gist. 

“We may not be in agreement with

it but they still have that


Trice said

she does not live in

Neudecker’s district, which

is District 5 in west

Jackson, still she is

upset.  “He represents my

city,” she said.

Gist admits the posting from

Feb. 22 on Neudecker’s blog,,

has affected the image of the

entire council.  “It reflects on

the entire council,” said Gist. 

“It reflects on the mayor,

reflects really on the people

that live in that district.

In an interview with ABC 7

Eyewitness News last Friday,

Neudecker said the posting “is

part of my business.  I don’t

talk to you about your

business.  Why are you talking

to me about mine.