Search for “Friendly” Burglar in West Tenenssee

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Six homes in Decatur and Henderson Counties have been hit by a jewelry thief. Deputies say the man has even talked his way out of several situations where he was caught by his victims. At least three people say they confronted the man after finding him walking around their homes. They all say the man would tell them he was looking for a truck or a trailer to purchase, and that he was a very “smooth talker.” Sheriff Roy Wyatt says he believes the man is a professional con artist and has already gotten away with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. One victim says he talked to the man just after he had broken into his mother’s house. “I feel like I went into a boxing ring and kind of knocked me down on the first round, but now he made a mistake letting me get back up. So, I’m ready for a second round this time,” said Kevin Stout. Sheriff Wyatt says the burglar was driving a white Chevrolet, Silverado pick up truck. He advises everyone, be on the look out and call the Decatur County or Henderson County Sheriff’s Department if you see it.