Cupps Murder Investigation

A new command post for investigators was set up on the parking lot of Pringles Park in northeast Jackson. They say they will continue to search for the suspected murders. “When you go to the gas station and stuff like that you want to kind of look around,” said Johnny Shanan who lives in Jackson. He and others are being extra careful, as the third night of the search for Louisiana fugitives, Ricky Wedgeworth and Darion “Drake” Pierce continues. Investigators now believe they not only carjacked David Cupps, but killed him, leaving his body in an Alabama motel. “They are extremely considered armed and dangerous and they’ve proven that before the body of Mr. Cupps being found,” said Sheriff David Woolfork, of Madison County. On Thursday David Cupp’s family flew into Jackson and learned that his body had been found. Family say Cupps lived in Sunbury, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, and was in Mississippi to inspect a nuclear plant. Investigators say Cupps and his rental car disappeared from Vicksburg, Mississippi. He was reported missing by his wife Friday, the same day the inmates escaped. “There’s no doubt the escapees actually carried him to Alabama. During the investigation we tracked moments in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia,” explained John Mehr, of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Officials are not saying how the father and husband was found. They are also not releasing details of how he died. Since Tuesday night, there has not been any confirmed sightings of Wedgeworth and Pierce, which has people like Ericil Cole playing it safe. “We were most definitely taking precautions, we left tonight traveled in groups and also the police patrolled very well.” “Being from Jackson you wouldn’t think you’d have to always watch your back but it’s like the way things are becoming it would be a good idea,” said S

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