Escapee Search Turns Up Nothing

Louisiana State Police have joined in the search for the escapees in Jackson, as have US Marshals and FBI agents. The rain earlier Wednesday may have made it hard to find footprints, and even harder for dogs to track them, but officers say they are using every resource possible to find the two fugitives. Christine Parish, a Madison County resident, says, “I was shocked. I didn’t even know about it until today.” Parish says the sound of helicopters woke her up to this reality. Lynn Wyatt, a neighbor, adds, “It’s crazy, you don’t expect automatic weapons in your yard.” Officers from multiple agencies lined Riverside Drive and Boone Lane Wednesday afternoon, looking in every nearby abandoned house. A tip lead them there. According to the Jackson Police, one person spotted men matching their description trying to cross a marsh, and then a retired officer claimed they were crossing Riverside Drive. Parish, says, “Not knowing where they’re at, if they’re close by, where they are is hard.” For neighbors, not knowing definitely is the hardest part. Earlier in the morning, officers set up their command post at a Northeast Jackson movie theater. And in between rain clouds, officers cranked up the helicopter. Around ten in the morning deputies threw on their boots when they spotted fresh footprints about a couple hundred feet behind the movie theater. According to the THP, they were left around five in the morning, however despite their extensive research, nothing and no one was found. Parish, says, “I’m scared to death. Thank goodness I’m not at home by myself.” Hand in hand, neighbors say they are getting by because they know no stone will be left unturned. If you see anything suspicious or know where officers can find the fugitives, call 911 immediately.

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