Wheel Tax Issue Returns

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Leaders in Gibson County are once again attempting to hike up wheel taxes in the County, but for different reasons this time. Instead of going to the general fund, Mayor Thomas Witherspoon wants a $12.50 wheel tax increase to support economic development efforts. Wheel taxes are currently $35 and would go up to $47.50 if the proposal is approved. Mayor Witherspoon says the extra money will make the county more attractive to industries looking to expand in rural areas. That’s something he says won’t be possible unless the wheel tax passes. “When we receive a request for information, one of the questions on that request is ‘does your County have funds available to us for moving expenses, for infrastructure, does your County have money for this?’ We can stop checking no and start checking yes. It’s gonna keep us on the list immediately,” said Mayor Witherspoon. The County Commission is scheduled to vote on the agenda at Monday’s meeting. If it is approved next week, the Commission will make a final vote in April.  

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