Escapee Search Continues into Fourth Day

A $2,000 reward is now being offered in the 4-day manhunt for two Louisiana fugitives still believed to be in Jackson-Madison County. We have also learned more about why officers are expanding their search perimeter and why they are putting out a message to every driver on the road. John Mehr, Special Agent in Charge, with the TBI, says, “We’re asking any truck drivers or anybody else if they may have picked up anybody.” A plea from the TBI, because they say the two fugitives hitched a ride with somebody from Baton Rouge to Vicksburg, Mississippi. Mehr, adds, “Just call us. You’re not in any trouble if you call us. We just need the information.” Now, it is something officers say could have very well happened here. Donny Spratlin, a resident, says, “Hind sight is 20/20, you want to help people. A lot of people have been in situations before where they go to help somebody and it back fires on them.” Information on the two fugitives is being sent nationwide, along with a mass email to the Tennessee Truckers Association. Vehicles are being checked left and right, and now agencies are expanding their search in Madison County to North Parkway because so much time has lapsed without a confirmed sighting. Deputy Chief Barry Michael, with the Jackson Police Department, says, “It extends to all of those main roads off that highway which is Highway 70, Old Medina Road, and Christmasville Road.” And the fact that they are not scaling back is comforting to many residents, even the hum of the helicopters is soothing to their ears. Now, the FBI said in a press conference earlier Friday, that they are looking at pursuing federal charges against the fugitives once they are caught.

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