McNairy Co. Gets New Deputy

He’s got four legs and a lot of fur. And he’s looking to help McNairy County deputies take a “bite out of crime.” His name is Oscar and he’s a two year old German Sheppard. He’s certified in narcotics and tracking, and is the newest member of the McNairy County Sheriff’s Department. “This is a tool that will enable us to better do that job of detecting those drugs on traffic stops, on search warrants, and things like that,” said Sheriff Guy Buck. Oscar isn’t you typical ‘drug dog’ though. He also uses his nose to sniff out escaped criminals and missing persons. “He can actually go out to follow somebody who’s either fled the scene of a crime, or maybe a lost child who’s wandered off into the woods,” said Buck. The pre-certified dog cost the department $4,000. Oscar’s “salary” is estimated at about $1,500 per year, which includes food, vet fees, and continued training. His handler, Deputy Keenan Lamberth, says he’s amazed at the small amount of scent his partner can pick up on. He also emphasizes that Oscar’s reaction is not to bite. “He usually responds by scratching or any kind of noticeable alert, change in behavior, change in sniffing,” said Lamberth. “His whole demeanor will change when he picks up scent.” And when he does pick up on a scent, he’s praised for it. Oscar will also work with other agencies in the area, including the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

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