Suspect Sought in Lincoln Courts Shooting

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“Yeah, Lincoln courts bad, real bad,” said Krystal Banks. She lives in Lincoln Courts in East Jackson. On Wednesday, her three children were playing outside when gunshots were fired in broad daylight. As a mother she said that makes her uneasy. “Bullets they don’t have eyes and there going to eventual find a target,” said Lieutenant Tyreece Miller of the Jackson Police Department. Investigators said one of those bullets hit a 26 year old Jackson man in his right shoulder, as he rode through the apartments with a friend. Now the man is fighting for his life in a local hospital, as police search for his alleged shooter, 18 year old, Ladarius Maxwell. “It’s obvious and apparent Darius Maxwell has a vendetta against the victim,” said Lieutenant Miller. That is because investigators said Maxwell shot at, but missed the victim two weeks ago. “When we locate Maxwell has going to be arrested for that shooting and once we get him in custody were going to talk to him about this shooting.” A family member of the victim jumped into the car and drove him straight to the hospital according to investigators.”The car that the victim was transported in was left at the hospital and we were able to tow the car back here to the police department because it is a crime scene,” explained Lieutenant Miller. For those who live in Lincoln courts, the possibility of the young victim dying is heartbreaking. “It’s devastating because that’s another life gone, another life lost on something probably petty,” said Dionne Robinson.

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